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The Loop: The Revenge of Fauxzilla - Board Game Review
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The Loop: The Revenge of Fauxzilla - Board Game Review

Welcome to The Loop The Revenge of Fauxzilla Board Game Review. In this board game review, we are looking at The Revenge of Fauxzilla, the expansion to The Loop. The Loop: The Revenge of Fauxzilla was designed by Maxime Rambourg and Théo Rivière and published by Pandasaurus Games. ****************************************************** Overview 00:00:00 Intro 00:02:35 New Characters 00:03:22 New Game Modes 00:05:01 Extras 00:06:37 Wrap-up 00:07:17 ****************************************************** "The first expansion for The LOOP brings new characters, equipment and game modes. Your favorite evil genius, Dr. Faux, returns with a terrifying giant monster, Fauxzilla! Will you let him wreck the Universe? Play as two new agents, the young Dr. Faux himself and the Peak Twins, to foil his plans in two new game modes. Dr. Faux is back, and he's unleashed the wrath of Fauxzilla. This giant monster will soon be rampaging through space-time! The Agency has no choice but to convince the legendary Peak Twins and Faux Klein Schlag to return to action! Take on Dr. Faux's not-so-domestic giant monster, Fauxzilla, in two new game modes: "Fauxzillapocalypse" puts you on a time-track to defeat the beast. To defeat it, charge and set off powerful energy traps at the right time. In "The 7 Kaiju Balls", retrieve Fauxzilla's Eggs through time to seal them in their proper era, while dodging the monster's fury. You can now count on two new characters: Faux Klein Schlag, a young version of Dr. Faux himself, determined to regain the upper hand over his evil future self. And the Peak Twins, the most feared pair of enforcers in the Middle Ages. New Artifacts and 2 additional Sabotage tiles will take your Loop experience to the next level! Requires the base game to play." — Description from the publisher. ***************************************************** Subscribe for new videos ❤️ and hit the notification bell 🔔 for updates Become a member and help support the channel Shop All proceeds go to The BC Children's Hospital Discord Website Facebook Group Instagram Twitter email
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